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In the event that you ask young adults whatever they might get for U.S. $200 or less, their responses may possibly add a tablet, a good phone, or even a designer bag.

Editor’s Note: Susan Ople is founder and president regarding the Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute, a philippine organization that is non-profit to assisting troubled international Filipino Workers (OFWs) with work and migration dilemmas. The middle additionally provides free help that is legal individual trafficking survivors, along with other free reintegration solutions. She had been known as being a U.S. State dept. Trafficking in individuals Hero of 2013. Http: //www. Htm

By Susan V. Ople, Special for CNN

In the event that you ask young adults whatever they could easily get for U.S. $200 or less, their responses could possibly add a tablet, an intelligent phone, or a designer case. Instead of record, a international maid - until you are now living in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, or any nation at the center East.

In the us, maids are when it comes to famous and rich. Modern-day slavery into the world that is western wears the face area of a prostitute, a trafficked youngster, or an illegal migrant exploited by his / her boss. For under developed nations, human being slavery frequently gets the face of a domestic worker separated from culture and kept hidden inside personal domiciles of the companies.

Being an advocate for migrant workers’ rights, We have seen slavery close up. It offers numerous faces: a jealous feminine company, sexual predators, pimps, unlawful recruiters, and corrupt officials. Frequent among them could be the belief that a international domestic worker is a commodity to be utilized or offered, or both.